Helen Keller

Her Life


Helen was born june 27 1880.She was born at tusembia,alabama,ivy green.Helen lost her sight and hearing because she was very ill.Helen's teacher was named Ainnie.Ainnie was sent to Perkins at age 13.Helen's first trp away from her home was to Perkins Institute at the year 1888.
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Helen was 13 when she moved to new york city.Helen's first school she attended to was Radciffe College.Helen was admitted to college in the year 1899.Helen attended to Radciffe College.If brallie books where not availble, Ainnie  woud spell books in her hand.Alexander Graham Bell was interested becasue his wife was deaf. The title of the book is called The Story Of My Life.
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Young Woman

Helen has writin forteen books in all. Suffragist means equale treatment between men and wemen. These are three peaple that are fames that Helen ment Charlie Chaplin Henry Ford and Polly Thomson. Helen and Anne stoped thair world toure in 1922. Helen was a early member of the civil liberties union.

Champion of the Blind

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World Leader

Helen Keller visited 39 nations. Anne paid for the world tour. The name of Helens house  is Arcan Ridge. Her house was in Tuscumbia Alabama. She meet two United States Presidents and they are John.F Kennedy and Grover Cleveland. Helen Keller died in 1968.