6th Grade Technology at Lineville

by Joe Gaura

Typing Web

*We normally spend 5 minutes at the start of class on the typing Web.

*You have the whole semester to complete the Intermediate course.

*To get a 4 at the end of the semester, you need to complete the Intermediate and Advanced courses.


*In this project, you get to make an iMovie trailer!

*The topic is up to you! It can be about family, friends, adventure, etc.

*You need to have a purpose of your iTrailer.

*iMovie is an app on the App Store, and will automatically be downloaded on your school iPad.

Career Locker

*This unit involved us using a program called Career Locker. Surely you should be familiar with this program from last year.

*You get to use the Middle School program. Last year it was the Elementary program.

*Like last year, Mrs. VandenBoogaard will come in for 5 days for Career Locker.

*We did multiple fun activities, then after we did a Haiku Deck, which I will teach you about next.

Haiku Deck

*With the program Haiku Deck, you will have to make a presentation on your dream job(s).

*You will have to present it in front of the whole class.

*Haiku Deck is accessible as an app on your iPad, as well as on browsers.

Explain Everything

*In this project, you will create a recording of yourself using the app Explain Everything.

*The topic is a math problem, which you have to solve while explaining every step.

*This will not be presented in front of the class.


*This unit is spread out along the semester like Typing.

*You will use the program code.org and go through some of the Accelerated Course.

*Code.org is the program where you did The Hour of Code last year.