Scientific revolution

Edgar T.5th period^o^

What was the change?

Many people would have different opinions about how the galaxy was or how it was up there in the skys. Every year or generation or so some new scientist would come an try to over come someone thoughts or to make it more reliable. This just made the way the people see the world different. Which would make people think different stuff and made us think we know how it is up there but actually we had no idea. Untill we finally found out.

who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at time time?

It would make people belive in different stuff not knowing if it is correct or not. Whic made some people think differently on how our galaxy actually was. People said it was the sun and some people said it was earth. People would see how our world and other planets would move up n the galaxy.

How is the change evident in todays modern society?

Well now thanks to all of the advanced technology, devices, classes, and studys we can now go more out in the galaxy and see how it really is. We have devices out in the moon and galaxy just chilling out there telling us whats going on or what is going to happen. Scientist invent stuff to see what is happening to inform us an checking the galaxys every move so we can all e prepared for any funny buisness that could happen.