Spitting Fire

How to create a fire on a tropical island

a fire requires three elements to burn:
  1. air
  2. heat
  3. fuel


Three materials that are needed to make a fire, tinder, kindling, and fuel. Tinder is absolutely dry material that will ignite with a spark. Kindling is easily combustible material added to the tinder, which is also very dry. Fuel will burn steadily once it catches the fire.


When finding tinder look for, fine wood shavings, dead grass, fern, moss or fungi, fine pitch wood scrapings, dead evergreen needles, rotted portion of dead logs or trees, bird down, down seedheads, fine, dried vegetable fibers, spongy threads of dead puffball, dead palm leaves, lint from your pockets, or charred cloth.


You can use three things, small strips of wood, small twigs, or wood from the inside of larger wood.


For fuel you can use green wood, the dry inside of a tree trunk, animal fat, dead twigs, or dried animal dung.


  • Tepee
  • Lean-to
  • Cross-ditch
  • Pyramid
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Step 1: find a clear space
Step 2: find dry tinder, twigs, and branches
Step 3: Using the smaller twigs to make a tepee shape with tinder placed in the center
If you have any type of glass centrate the rays on the tinder to ignite it, once it begins to smoke blow on it. If you do not have glass continue with these steps:
Step 4: Find a soft wood and cut a groove in its base
Step 5: Place some tinder at one end that you will ignite
Step 6: Using a hard stick rub the end up and down this groove to make friction
Step 7: once you see smoke blow on it
Step 8: Place sticks and twigs on it once it is lit

Reasons to have a fire:

The fire can do many things in your favor. It can keep you warm and dry. Food and water are extremely important, the fire can purify water and cook food. Also, the fire can keep animals that could be harmful away and the smoke can keep away insects.
When you have a fire you have to be careful of it spreading. Never leave the fire unattended unless its absolutely necessary.
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