The most misterious wreck

The Sailing Of The Titanic

No other ship has captured the world's attention, quite like the Titanic ship. Constructed to be unsinkable, this first class ocean liner set sail on April 10, 1912. The world had awaited the maiden voyage of this luxury liner for months. The White Star Line had taken great care to publicize the fantastic engineering of the Titanic and the world waited with baited breath for the ship to make her first voyage.

The Sinking Of The Titanic

When the Titanic ship crashed into an iceberg and Titanic ship`s disaster finally reached its pinnacle on April 14th, each and every passenger on board, wealthy and poor alike, were forced to fight for their very survival. In the end only 705 persons survived the sinking of the ship, out of 2,228 passengers and crew members. 1,523 lives were lost when the Titanic ship beneath the ice cold waters of the Atlantic.

Interesting facts

  • The ship was loaded only enough life boats to hold half of the titanik passengers anb some of the lifeboats were lowered to the waters only half-full.
  • The ship contained a heated swimming pool, a first for any sailing vessel
  • The ship was still so brand new when passengers boarded it on April 10, 1912, that the paint was was still wet in some spots.
  • Among the provisions when the Titanic set sail in Southampton were 40 000 eggs, 75 000 pounds of fresh meat and 1 000 bottles of wine.
  • The titanic`s weight fully loaded was 46 328 tons. The ship consumed 825 tons in one day and its top speed was 23 knots.
  • Third class had only two bathtubs formore than 700 people.
  • Among the survivors of the Titanic`s disaster were twwo dogs.A total of 9 dogs were on board of the ship.

Adaptation of the 1997

Titanic`s history buffs are quite staunch in their dedication to preserving the truth regarding the history of the ship Titanic. When 'Titanic' was released in December of 1997 moviegoers flocked to the theaters to see the beauty and the tragedy of the fateful ship revealed on the big screen. A number of individuals who consider themselves experts on the history of Titanic were less than impressed with the number of errors contained within the film. Despite James Cameron's dedication to filming the most accurate version of the Titanic accident history possible, the movie never the less contained mistakes. Some of these mistakes had to be included in the movie to insure the viewer's suspense and enjoyment in the film. Others however were simply matters that had been overlooked during the making of the movie.

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