alaskan ulu

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Fascinating Alaskan Ulu Knives and Cutting Boards for that Perfect Slicing in your Kitchen

The kitchen tools in a household vary according to the food habits and the lifestyle the person or family leads. For a ready-to-eat dinner person the basic set of fruit knives, cake server, and pizza cutter may be the highlight of the kitchen counter. A well used kitchen is bound to have knives and cutters of different shapes and sizes intended for a particular function. An exclusively designed alaskan ulu would enhance the appearance and functionality to a different level. These come in many sizes and have a curved razor edge that originally helps skinning, filleting, de-boning and slicing of fish and meat by the Alaskan women. The blades are so sharp that they are also used in chiseling ice mass while building igloos. Ancient usage of this wonderful knife was for cutting and slicing. Now it has become a multi-purpose tool that evenly cuts and slices.

The traditional ulu knife is of different sizes and the usage depends on the size. Very tiny miniatures are used for sewing and huge ones are for cutting big masses. The blades were initially made of slate, then copper and later on in steel. The handles were hand carved and designed with animal and fish bones and ivory. The innovative designs talked about the maker and their designing techniques. Later, wood carved handles were made for better grip and utility. Intricately carved figurines and logo like pictures for exclusivity gives a one-of-a kind feel to the proud owner. Nowadays alaskan ulu has become quite popular and are being marketed by some brilliant business ventures that promote and educate people on the advantages and the history behind such beautiful traditional collection of knives. Log on to for that exclusive ulu online shopping experience.

The ulu knife is completely functional with the beautifully designed ulu cutting board. It is a combo that none can resist. The shape of the blade ensures total force in the middle of the blade. This pressure helps easy use of the knife while cutting hard objects like bones or frozen meat. The cutting board is otherwise known as the ulu bowl, made of superior quality wood. Square shaped, sturdy board with a shallow concave design that enhances cutting technique using the ulu knife. A small slot on one end is provided to keep the knife in place. The duo piece set is artistic and quality driven that is worth being on display for a collector’s selection of knives and weapons. That gives enough reason to make it an ideal gift for someone very special. A range of designs with handles made of bones, ivory, antlers, stone or wood give the buyer a wide choice to choose from. The buyer gifting it to someone will have so many knives to pick up the right one for the friend.

The ulu cutting board has a solid wooden base that is slip proof and is easy to wash or clean. A simple wash in running water and drying procedure helps the board and knife from moisture absorption. The materials used and the designs are meant for long term use. The knife can be kept for years and handed down generations as it has an antique value too. Shopping online for this set is the best way to order as the companies are ready to ship them across the globe. The uniqueness and limited edition makes it most sought after by collectors and by people who have is passionate about cooking. The gleaming steel blade set on a warm carved wood is an awesome combination!