Library Matters

By Melanie Neal and Stefanie Feralin

Welcome Back!!

We hope you all had a fantastic summer break.

We have a few new things in the library to start the new school year:

  1. NEW: Flocabulary - hip hop videos, lesson plans, content specific - Sign up at the link to the left to create your account. Please use!! This is expensive!!
  2. New: Movie Studio: back corner of library. Green Screen with props. Permanent for this year! Schedule your classes to use with Melanie. Skills our students need.
  3. Returning: Flipster - online magazines - use Flipster iPad app or online- access from our website. Still time to request a title. See my website for access. Use HS account too! No paper copies of new editions.
  4. RETURNING: ebook resource - TumbleBook Cloud - Unlimited use for all - great for iPads. Create a shortcut to your ipad. This will be discontinued if it is not used.
  5. RETURNING: Access to WSJ (newspaper) free from iPad - 7 users at a time. Login with username=immslibrary and pw= library. Download app to your ipad.
  6. RETURNING: SIRS Researcher and CultureGrams - Please use these resources.
  7. Website - lots of information, quick links, and more. Check it out!!
  8. Destiny Discover - NEW LOOK! integrated with Google - all materials inc. ebooks and audiobooks - Please USE!!
  9. Homework Club reminder - held in library before school. No Food, please! After school is open to all students, as well.
  10. iPad accessories for checkout - i.e. stand clips and tripod adapters for video shooting

Our Mission

To ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information and to foster literacy!

Reminders for 2017-18

  1. Bookroom - you MUST work with library staff to use the bookroom at IMMS. Please see Melanie, Stefanie, or Erin if you need a refresher or if you are a first time user.
  2. Bookroom books can now be searched through Destiny and checked out through the library. See the request form on the library website under "IMMS Teachers".
  3. Please DO NOT print more than 1 copy of a document. If you need multiple copies, please print directly to the copy machines OR print 1 copy and make copies on the copy machine. This continues to be a problem at IMMS. Multiple copies "gunk" up printers and slow down printing for all. It is significantly more expensive to print to a printer than a copy machine. Please be courteous and professional. If you are not sure how to print to a copy machine, please see your grade level EA or library staff.
  4. We have a Teacher Workstation with all the bells and whistles for you to use during release periods.
  5. Please consider copyright or fair use rules when printing or copying, please see Melanie with your questions!!

LMC Guidelines

1. Library classes have priority and Melanie will close the library in the event that students can not be accommodated during a library class.

2. Classes have priority over individual students and small groups. Students will be sent back to the classroom if we can not accommodate them.

4. No more than three students per class should be sent to the library

unsupervised. Students MUST be sent with a library pass. Students will be sent

back if they do not have a pass.

5. Curriculum-related projects receive priority in the LMC.

6. If a class is not signed up, you may send small groups of students to work in the library with a PASS.

7. If you have not checked the LMC calendar, please call BEFORE you send students LMC = x 4575

8. Computers are used for curriculum-related activities during school hours.

9. No food or drink in the library

Library Staff

Please come to us with any request. We will do what we can to support your classroom and our students!!