Renaissance World

By. Ryan H., Jarred A., Desmond J., Noah R., and Brian Q.


The Renaissance was a time of great importance. It produced some of the worlds greatest artists, composers, inventors and writers. The subtopics for our project are Sir Francis Drake, the Protestant Reformation, Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei and the Mayflower. All these people and events have left there mark on there world. Each of these subtopics have played an important role in history and especially during the world of their time.

Sir Francis Drake - Ryan H

Sir Francis Drake was a British sailor and navigator. He was born around 1540 in Tavistock Devon, which is located on the south side on the Great Britain. In 1578, Drake began his voyage around the world and returned safely in 1581. He became the first englishmen to successfully circumnavigate the world and was knighted for his journey by Queen Elizabeth aboard his ship the Golden Hind . Drakes voyage around the world showed that the British were the strongest and most advanced country in the world at the time. This gave a lot of inspiration to the people of Great Britain. Sir Francis Drake also started the Spanish war because he had raided several spanish ports on his journey around the world. (DE. Chicago)

In 1585, four years after returning from his voyage around the world, Sir Francis Drake was promoted to vice admiral of the British Navy. It was during this time that the Spanish War really broke out. As Drake as vice admiral, the British defeated the Spanish Armada. This showed that the British now had the strongest navy fleet in the world. Drake became an instant hero throughout Britain at this time. He was a figure that many people looked up to because of his bravery and leadership. He died on circa January 28th, 1596 of dysentery. His body was buried at sea but has yet to be found (

Sir Francis Drake had a huge affect on the world during his time. He successfully circumnavigated the globe defeating all spanish ports along the way and also defeated the Spanish Armada. He is one of the most successful British sailors of all time. Although living a life of piracy and slave trading before he was chosen to navigate the globe, he has gone down in history as one of the most important sailors of all time (

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The Protestant Reformation - Jarred A

The Protestant Reformation was an important event in history. If it wasn’t for the Protestant Reformation the Church of England would have never became an independent state and they would still be Roman Catholic. The Protestant Reformation occurred when King Henry VIII wanted a divorce from his wife Catherine of Aragon. King Henry VIII received a papel dispensation to marry her originally. However, King Henry VIII wanted a divorce because Catherine was getting older and he wanted a son. In addition, he wanted to divorce Catherine because he wanted to marry his mistress Anne Boleyn because she was younger and a potential candidate to bear King Henry VIII’s son. The church did not accept King Henry VIII’s request for a divorce (England's Break with Rome). This caused King Henry VIII to get very upset and he sought a church that would grant this divorce. Henry subsequently married Anne Boleyn and started the Protestant Reformation and sought to break away from the Roman Catholic Church. King Henry VIII got his way and signed the Submission of the Clergy in 1532. This important document made the king the head of the Church of England not the pope. This was a very controversial act which had never been seen nor done before (England’s Break with Rome). Even though the Protestant Church is different from Roman Catholicism they are still both under the divisions of Christianity. The main motives of the Protestant Church is that the bible is the primary authority in matters of faith and practice, that there is a “universal priesthood” which means that everyone has access to God’s grace without mediation, that salvation is through faith in God alone, the church has a fellowship of believers which is in contrast to Roman Catholicism, and the right of private judgment in religion (Protestants). The Protestant Reformation was an important event in world history that shaped the world we live in today. If King Henry VIII did not start this important reformation then the world would be without Protestants and there would only be two divisions of Christianity. In addition, the Protestant Reformation brought upon many different ideals that shapes the world we live in today.

King Henry VIII: The Church and The Reformation

Nicholas Copernicus - Desmond J

There are many great people in our history that have put great influences in our lives. Some of these people have changed the way we live. Some have even changed our way of thinking. These people are so iconic and legendary, that they can never be forgotten. All of these characteristics describe Nicholas Copernicus. The man many call the “Father of Astronomy”.

Nicholas Copernicus was born February 19, 1473 in Torun, Poland. He went to college at Krakow in Poland (Copernicus, Nicholas). The Polish astronomer created the heliocentric model of the universe. During this time, people believed that the earth was at the center of the universe. They thought the sun, the planets, and the stars surrounded the earth. With Copernicus’s model, it proved all of their thinking to be wrong. The heliocentric model showed that the earth in fact was at the center of the universe. The model showed that the earth, along with the other planets and stars surrounded the sun instead of surrounding the earth (Nicholas Copernicus). The earth rotates on its own axis. The moon rotates around the earth, and the stars are much farther away than the planets. This model made it capable for humans to prove things in astronomy rather than making astronomy a system of thing we want to think are true.

His theories, models, and writings were rejected by scholars and were not able to be read for about three hundred years. He did all of his work in his own laboratory he built and some say that he did not even have a telescope. Nicholas Copernicus changed the way of how we think of astronomy.

Galileo Galilei - Noah R

Galileo had many influences on the world, Galileo's direct influence on science outside Italy was probably not very great. After 1610 he published his books in Italian and made little effort to persuade professional scholars either at home or abroad (Elders, Leo J.).

His influence on educated laymen both in Italy and abroad was considerable; on university professors, except for a few who were his own pupils, it was negligible. Latin translations of his Dialogue appeared in Holland in 1635, in France in 1641, and in England in 1663; but the only Latin translation of the Two New Sciences was published in 1700, long after Newton's Principia had superseded it (Elders, Leo J.).

Between Galileo and Newton, science was Cartesian rather than Galilean. Indirectly, Galileo's science exerted some influence in France through Marin Mersenne, Pierre Gassendi, and Nicholas Fabri de Peiresc; in Germany through Kepler; and in England through John Wilkins and John Wallis. Descartes, who repudiated Galileo's approach to physics because of its neglect of the essence of motion and physical causation, did not mention him in any published work (Silver, Daniel S.).

Galileo Galilei Biography

The Mayflower - Brian Q

The Mayflower was the ship that went to America. America was a new land in the world at that time. People from England wanted to live in this new land. The Mayflower was not the only ship that went to America, but it was the most famous ship.

The Mayflower was a small ship, but there were 102 people in this ship. They all had the same dream. They wanted to open up this new land and live on this land. It took 66 days on the sea. There were many diseases on the ship but only one person died, and a baby came out.

They wanted to have a government, so 41 men from those 102 people signed on a compact, the Mayflower Compact. It was the beginning of the America, the strongest country right now, and it also affected the whole world.

The Mayflower Compact is all about freedom. People are much more important than the government. It was a new concept in the world at that time, because there were still many slaves. Most of the people from England were also slaves. They wanted freedom. That’s why they wanted to open up this new land where people can start their dream with freedom.

Many people kept going to America, a free country. Many countries also reformed because they saw how America became a strong country with freedom. People in America created a new culture that changed the whole world, freedom.