Oscar Romaro

life and death


Oscar Romaro was born on 1917 (the time of the great war) he lived in a torn country churches were getting persecuted some people get killed or assassinated this was no place for a child to be brought up

Oscar Romaro

Oscar Romero went to a public school which offered grade 1-3 when he finished this he needed more schooling so he was tutored by Anita Jgleias until he was thirteen years old.when he was doing all this, his dad was trying to get him to start carpentry Romero showed promise and he was offered a job at this.


On 1942 april he was offered a Jonas a catholic priest in rome Romero but Romero stayed in italy to set a doctoral exam in theology afterwards he was sent back home with his father who also did doctoral work in rome after they went home they went off again and became a parish priest in Anamoros but then moved to san Miguel he worked for over 20 years at priest work he made a alcoholic help group later in the priesthood he was appointed bishop but it wasn't welcomed by some upper ranking priests.



Romero was shot on the 24 march 1980 while celebrating mass at a small chapel in a hospital named la divine providence after the sermon in which he had called on salvadoran soldiers as christians and stop violations of basic human rights he was shot and the end of the Eucharistic rite


Romero was buried in the metropolitan cathedral de san salvador the funeral on the 30 march 30th 1980 there were more than 250,000 mourners from all over the world viewing this attendance as a protest gun shots came from the roof tops 30-50 died from this other people were involved in this but no one one will know the truth why this had happened.

by Alexander Bittle