Woozworld University: Film Editing

Friday, February 15th

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Welcome Back!

Our test was scheduled to be today, but since we have had an unexpectedly long break as well as many changes in our curriculum, we will start over Unit 1. However, we will still be continuing our comedy project. We will review the expectations of that during class today.

Warm Up

What show featured the song "I'll Be There for You" in its intro sequence?

Think about the question and be ready to answer it when I ask you.

Please have your script out!

I will be checking everybody's script worksheets today. PLEASE make sure you have completed this.


Create an intro for your short sitcom.


  • Must have 3 actors in the intro (2 of which must be in your show).
  • Must have some sort of music (I don't care if it is one of the iMovie music pieces).
  • Must be made in iMovie

Our Class Pinterest Board

Regularly check our Pinterest board for announcements, homework, and extra credit opportunities! This is also the place to turn in any and all assignments. If you have any questions, please message me on Pinterest!

All PowerPoints

You can find our current PowerPoint as well as all of our past units' PowerPoints through this flyer.