Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

In this book, Jacob's Rescue, they're are three main characters. Jacob, which the book is about, is around nine years old and live in the ghetto with his aunt Hannah during World War II. He is smart child, and wants to help the family that has taken him in. Alex is the generous man that is risking his life and his families life to help Jacob and keep him safe and alive during the World War II. Mela is Alex's wife and very loving, she tries her very best to help Jacob and keep him alive ad hidden from the Nazi's, as well as keeping her family safe.


The plot of this book is to protect a young boy Jacob while he is in the Warsaw ghetto during World War II with his aunt Hannah. Jacob used to be a wealthy rich Jewish boy before world War II started and he was targeted by Hitler, as well as other Jews living in Germany. Jacob gets separated from his family and put into a ghetto with his aunt Hannah. Hannah plans for Jacob to go live with a man, Alex Rosan, and his family to keep him from getting put into a concentration or work camp.Alex and wife, Mela, and children, Marishka and Yerek, keep Jacob hidden in their home to keep him from being found by Nazi officers and nosy neighbors. If Jacob is found, the Rosan family could be put to death for hiding a Jewish boy. They end up taking in one of Jacob's younger brother, but he sadly gets ill with scarlet fever and dies. They find and take in Jacob's even younger brother, David. The Rosan family does everything they can to keep these boys safe, healthy, and alive. They move multiple time to keep from getting caught, lie to their neighbors and Nazi officers, do their best to get Jacob medical help when he needs it, and even end up losing their son, Yerek. The family is strong and stays positive despite what is happening during the war. The family stays protected and hidden in Mela's brother's, Vladek, village Kaminsk until the end of the war when they are able to reunite Jacob and David with their father.

Connections to the Righteous Among Nations Award

1) The first thing the Rosan family does to be entered into the Righteous Among Nations Award is taking a Jewish boy named Jacob in from the ghetto and in to their home. By doing this they are risking their own lives as well as the rest of their families lives, and they are also saving Jacob andhis brother's life by keeping them from going to concentration camps. If Jacob is found he will be killed as well as the rest of the Roslan family or out into work camps.

2) The second thing the Rosans do is they take in two of Jacob's younger brothers. They first take in Sholom but he ends up dying by catching scarlet fever. Next they take in David he does not get sick and lives healthy. David is able to go outside because of his blonde hair and blues where Jacob is not because he has dark hair and brown eyes. The Rosan could get in even more trouble now that they have two Jewish boys living in their household, but the Roslans do not care. They love these boys like they are their own and are willing to risk their lives.

3) The third and final thing the Rosans do to earn this award is the risky they take to keep the boys safe. Hiding Jewish boys in their home during the war is risky enough but the Rosans do not stop their. The family creates hiding places in their homes so when people come over they won't see them. They continuously move to different homes so they can keep hiding, moving from place to place they need to be careful because if they are found by Nazis they could be killed. The Rosans lie to doctors, neighbors, and Nazis in order to keep safe. The family sells their apartment to be able to get the surgery Jacob needs when he becomes very ill.


This quote from Mela on page 49 of this book is saying that she doesn't care how many Jewish people, or boys in this case, she and her family take in because if they catch her with one the punishment for two will most likely be the same. Mela is willing to take any risks and take in as many people as possible to protect them during this war.


I thought this book was very well written. It provided alot of information about World War II and what Jacob wenr through during this time. I think it is very important to read this book and other books written about the Holocaust because it was a vey important time in history, we nesd to learn about what happened and keep it known so something like this never happens again. Too many deaths occcured during this time and everyone needs to know that everyone is equal, it doesn't matter what religion or race you are.