Language and Lit. in Ancient Greece

I am talking about Language and Literature in Greece!......

Why is it Important

Well, it is important because without the Greece culture, A: we would have nothing Greek, and also we would not have numbers!

How did it contribute to society

Good question, the Greeks were able to write books, poetry and drama. It contributed because the books and all that were signs that the Greeks were there and told us how it went back in the day.

Fun Fact's

The Greeks spoke there very own Language! The Greeks wrote many types of Literatures. Homer (an Ancient Greek), wrote many poems. The two most influential poems and books were the "Lalid," and the "Odyssey." Homer might of been the author, but we aren't exactly sure he ever existed! The "Lalid" was based on the Trojan War. The "Odyssey" was based on a man who was a Greek warrior who was heading home from the Trojan War. His name was Odysseys a man who had to face a lot of danger to get home! [Copy Right \/]
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