Kindergarten News

Week of September 21-25

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Monday-We learned the purple song and the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty". Students are continuing to do a great job of recognizing the sight words. Thank you for doing the nightly homework. Students are also learning about the letters "s" and "h". We are also thinking of words that have "sh" at the beginning and at the end.

Tuesday-We visited the book fair to make wish lists. What a great selection the library had! Mrs. Joyner also visited our classroom for her weekly lesson. This week the focus was on respect. In writing, we read I Like School by Philemon Sturges. We generated ideas of our favorite things at school. Students then even wrote about their favorite thing. We had ideas from PE to writing to making new friends.

Wednesday-In math, the game "Roll and Dot" was introduced. This game consisted of rolling dice and then matching the dice pattern with the number. Students loved it! We also created our own purple book. Students are doing a great job of spelling the color words! Thank you all for coming to the Kindergarten Pot Luck. We had a great time!

Thursday-We had our own Humpty Dumpty reading book. Students were asked to highlight certain words. What a marvelous job they did! We also had a chance with the iPods. Students were introduced to the Spelling Magic app. The app says the letters of the sounds and then the students have to spell the words.

Friday-What a fun Friday! We had Dr. Franklin from Crozet Eye Care visit Kindergarten to talk about her job as an eye doctor. Dr. Franklin brought in a lot of her tools to show the students. We learned so much! We also read our non-fiction "Let's Find Out" about apples. Students learned about how an apple changes as it grows.

Upcoming Events

September 28 (Monday)-Professional Development Day-No School For Students

October 6-Walking field trip to the Crozet Fire House-Please check your child's Tuesday folder for the permission slip.

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12 MONTHS! (song for kids about 12 months in a year)