Scattered Poems

By Helon Alvarado

Makes me think of

Reading makes me think of words

Words makes me think of paper

Paper makes me think of drawings

Drawings makes me think of pictures

Pictures makes me think of internet

Internet makes me think of information

Information makes me think of Reading

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Color poem

Blue is the huge sky

Blue is the color of some peoples eyes

Blue smells like the fresh air outside

Blue tastes like M and M's out of the bag

Blue sounds like a car driving

Blue looks like the ocean waves

Blue feels like the socks on my feet

Blue makes me think of the sky

Blue is the color of some places

Cinquain Poem


Thrilling, foul ball


Home runs in the game


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You are awesome

You help me cool when I am hot

I can ride a float on you water

You contain fish so I can catch them

When you freeze I can ice skate you

I can ride a boat on you

I drink you when I am thirsty

You are like a mirror , I see me when i look at you

Sometimes you are calm and you are rough

Sometimes you have high tides and low tides

You are the one I first swam in

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Im fast

I run 200 laps a day in one second

Only i can run across the world nonstop in 1 minute

I race while im sleeping and win quickly

Also I can run faster than an asteroid

Even a cheatae cant beat me

Also i run 1,000,000 miles

When i play football i get touchdowns fast

Basketball I smoke everyone on the court

I run so fast I beat jet cars in one second

I race Lamborghini's jogging

And I race corvettes walking



Tho played with a log (a)

And then heard a owl say hoo (b)

And then the dog chased it through a bog (a)

Rhyme Scheme


There was a log(a)

That rolled down a hill(b)

And hit a persons shoe(c)

And that persons name is Fill(b)


Im a twig

Im being kicked around

Sitting on the ground

Im being used to build bird nests

Falling off trees

Flowing down streams

Being chased by dogs

Im being broke in two

Im a twig

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a hawk in the sky

flying that way flying there

soaring in the sky


My feet prowl like a tiger

my shirt the color of clouds

my hands like as big as a gorillas

my speed as fast as a cheatae

my strength as a bear fighting

and my height as tall as a tree

my poem everywhere like water splashing

I am wet

I am the ocean