Andrew Jackson

The Zero of all Zeroes

The Spoils System

Andrew Jackson gave out government jobs to his supporters, which was a horrible thing to do. He was putting people in positions, whether or not they were qualified. That meant that a person that had no prior experience in a political position could go straight to the top and work for the federal government!

Worcester v. Georgia

In 1832, Georgia went to the Supreme Court in an attempt to try to kick the Cherokee Natives out and move them to a reservation. Georgia lost the court case, though, as the Cherokee had already demonstrated that they were a peaceful, developed tribe. However, Andrew Jackson upheld the court case, and let the Georgians go and take over the Cherokee land, which shows that he had no respect for the Court and its decisions.

The Trail of Tears

In around 1838, 15,000 Cherokees were forced from their land and marched from Georgia all the way to current day Oklahoma. The trail that they marched on was called the Trail of Tears, as there were many deaths along it. About 4,000 Cherokees died along this trail, and the dead bodies were brought along in horse-pulled wagons.


This cartoon depicts Andrew Jackson dressed like a king, which symbolizes how he used his power. Jackson used power to veto more than any president before him. Also, Jackson ignored the fact that Supreme Court rulings are final, and blew off the Constitution, which is why the cartoon shows him stepping all over it. The reason that he is dressed like a king is because of how he abused his power.