Gallery Walks

Strategy 14

Intructional Focus and Grade Level

Writing, Content areas.

Grades 3-5 and 6-8

What are Gallery Walks...

Students writing, multimedia projects etc are placed around the room. The class walks around to each and every students work and either writes on a sticky note and places it next to the work or the students write on a "graffiti board" (piece of paper) next to the work. The students either read or observe the work and write their thoughts and opinions about it.

Common Core Standards: Students use the writing process to revise and edit their writing and get feeback from classmates, Students demonstrate grade-appropriate use of Standard English conventions including spelling.

How to use this strategy...

1) Display the work

2) Provide comment sheets

3) Give directions for the gallery walk

4) Model how to view, read, and respond

5) Direct the flow of traffic

6) Bring closure to the gallery walk

When to use this strategy...

First walk the students through a mock gallery walk. Have pictures posted around the room and have the students respond to each picture. This will give the students a sense of what a gallery walk should look like. This also makes them feel more comfortable when interacting in a real gallery walk. This is great to do when students are at their rough draft and revising stage; they will get extra feedback from their classmates.

Why use this strategy...

This allows an immediate audience for students writing or work. The students are able to share their work with the whole class in a faster and easier way. Students are more motivated when their classmates are seeing their work and not just the teacher. Also students are able to get immediate feedback for their work.


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This is a great website to look back on and see how a teacher does gallery walks in her own classroom. She has great ideas for how to implement them.

Here is another great website for you to use. This just goes a little deeper into gallery walks and explain how to implement them. Great for referring back to.