Listening for Lucca

BVy: Susanne La Fluer, Report By: Haeley Wolter


Siena and her brother Lucca have a big problem. Lucca doesn’t talk and Siena can't figure out why. Siena's parents want Lucca to talk again so they decide to move, but as Siena begins to adjust to the new house she discovers so many new things, things she cant even begin to explain. While Siena is unpacking she finds a pen with the initials SEA on it and try's to figure out what it stands for, but as she does she begins to have visions and dreams that all mysteriously tie together. Will Siena ever find out about the pen and will Lucca ever talk?

Internal Conflicts

Siena faces many different Internal conflicts. One of them was when Siena first moved to there new house. Siena didn’t know how to take it and wasn’t sure what to do. She isn't one hundred percent on moving, and going to a new school, and even having to leave her best friend. A second main conflict that Siena faces is that she has her dreams and visions. She just doesn’t know what to do and is very confused. She can no longer go to her parents because she had tried but they thought she was going crazy and that she had mental issues. A third conflict that she had was when she was deciding whether to go back and see Sarah's brother and fix the problem that went on between the two. She wants to but she's not sure if it will work or if she can come back. I think that in the end Siena made the decisions for a reason and they all turned out perfectly fine. I think that if Siena would have made a different decision on each conflict she would have many big troubles with her parents and might not have fixed Sarah's and her brothers problems.