Comfies for Cancer Cause

March 4th, I am fighting childhood cancer in my comfies

On March 4th, St. Peter's C.S.S. and our elementary feeder schools are organizing a day dedicated to childhood cancer awareness and fundraising. We have children and families in our neighborhoods who are currently fighting cancer and whom you would like to help. For example, St. John Paul II is fundraising for a local family who has a child battling leukemia as well as other families across North America who have children fighting cancer. Lillian is just one of many fighting cancer. Please read a bit about her story below.

Friday, March 4th, 8am

201 Ashford Drive, Barrie, ON, Canada

Focus - Raising some $ and Raising Awareness of Childhood Cancer

$2 per student and/or additional donation

Will receive a Tyler Robinson Foundation bracelet.

Money raised at St. Peter's will go towards providing some financial "comfort" for our community families who are focused on getting their children through this life changing and challenging ordeal.

See more about Lillian's story and how St. John Paul II is having a "Fairy Tale Friday" on March 4th to help bring about a happy ending for Lillian and her family.

What to do?

Tell EVERYONE! Bring your TOONIES and LOONIES! Please spread this message to all your friends, staff, fellow students, community partners and parents/guardians. Everyone wants to offer comfort and help a child!
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