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Teaching Hook

Data Driven Classroom Best Practices

Exit tickets (brief class-ending activity to check for understanding of that day's lesson):

*Create a tracking sheet to match the exit ticket.

*Assess the same skills through varied methods.

*Grade immediately.

*Immediately follow up.

*Answer essential questions on the exit ticket.

*Follow up data from exit ticket with next day's "Do Now".

*Use exit ticket to determine small group re-teach.

*Monitor whether exit tickets reflect scope and sequence.

Teacher Evaluation Tidbit

A part of the evaluation charges teachers with using a variety of instructional methods. Continue to explore different ways to meet the needs of the diverse learners in your classroom.

Be "intentional". You know your students and their needs. As you plan, consider the learner who always finishes before others. How do you provide enrichment for these students?

How do you plan for the student who needs hands on to really engage with the content?

(Just food for thought. Let's plan to brainstorm other ideas together!)

Things to Ponder

We are now half way through the second quarter of the school year. Continue to think about how you will continue to best meet the needs of all kids. Doing things the same way will yield similar results. How are you doing things differently? Are you being intentional in targeting your growth areas? Are you seeking feedback from colleagues? Continue to be mindful of the fact that extraordinary effort will lead to extraordinary results. Thanks for always giving 110%.

Let's continue to use data to guide all of our instructional decisions.

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"A good teacher is like a candle-it consumes itself to light the way for others." Author Unknown