by Lauren Uhde

The geography and climate

Mexico is mostly dominated by a plateau known as the Mexican Plateau. Theses highlands extend from the U.S border to the Isthmus of Tehuantepc, South of Mexico City. The highlands are pretty much enclosed by these two mountain chains. The eastern chain the Serra Madre Oriental and the western chain the Sierra Madre Occidental and this chain is volcanic in origin. Mexico's climate depends on the the altitude, The eastern coastal plains, the Lowlands of the south, and the Yucantan Peninsula have a tropical climate. The highest peaks of the mountains are covered in snow

Traditions and Etiquette

One of the many traditions of the Mexican people is to have a quinceanera which is the celebration of a girl's 15th birthday. Traditionally the celebration was to announce that a young woman is ready for marriage but now this no longer applies but this is still the idea that a 15th birthday marks a reaching of womanhood.


Mexico is highly dependent on it's services and export business with Untied States- which accounted for about one - quarter of the GDP in 2011 which created a strong link between the Mexican economy and that of the United States. The economy has experienced very strong growth since 2004. Since Mexico one of the 10 most visited countries in the world, tourism and tourism- Related serveries alone are a vital importance to the health and economy. Tourism alone can bring the country more than $12million a year.


Mexico doesn't have a great economy unlike the United States , the United States has a different climate and geography than Mexico and some of the traditions are similar like the celebration of a 15 year old girls birthday but for us the womanhood would be 16.