By: Nadiyah Stokes

Family Structure

The nuclear family is standard even though cubans are close to other in the family.The aspiration of most families is to have at least two children. Rural families have more land to build bigger houses so they can have more children. Grandparents often help raise their grandchildren so that the parents have the chance to continue working

Child/Parent Relationship

Parents are expected to provide for their children. Usually children aren't responsible for household chores but teenage girls are expected to help keep the house clean. The elderly are constantly cared for by their adult children.

Gender Roles

Women are responsible for household chores and taking care of the children. Domestic violence is a problem for younger couples that share responsibilities at home.

Interesting Facts

-Christmas didn't become an official holiday in Cuba until 1997

-At 16 years old, people can start voting

-Children are often given several names

Their Belief on Family

Cubans believe in staying close to their family and friends.


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