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Join into this trip! It's one of those trips you'd never forget!

In our school trip we'd go to The UK, it would cost nearly 900 Euros.

How and when we'd go there and what are we 'd do once we arrive there

We'd take the aeroplane the sixth of june at 3 AM and we would arrive there about 7 AM (canary hour). And then we would go to the "Generator Hostel London" and we'd choose everyone's room and leave there our things and we'd eat there. Then we'd start visiting places around The UK. We wouldn't pass any night out of London, we'd go to visit some places and then we'd come back to the Hostel again.

Some places we'd visit around the UK

When would we come back?

We'd come back the sixteenth of June, we'd take the aeroplane of the 4AM (London hour).

Trooping the colour: the queen´s birthday.

Although Trooping the Colour is also known as the Queen's Birthday Parade, this prime piece of pageantry doesn't take place on Her Maj’s actual birthday

Carried out on Horse Guards by fully operational troops from the Household Division (Foot Guards and Household Cavalry), Trooping the Colour is a military tradition that dates back to the early eighteenth century. Originally it was all about helping soldiers to recognise their own standard in the chaos of battle. Now it's an opportunity for some seriously impressive marching manoeuvres and an excellent opportunity for royalty spotting (other members of the royal family attend, as well as the sovereign).

You can watch along the Mall or from the edge of St James’s Park for free. But you need to arrive well before events begin at 10am to be far enough forward to get a good view.

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We'd visit all this places in London and other places in The UK!

Top 10 London Attractions

We're sure you all would enjoy it!

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