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Week of 9/27/2021

Upcoming Dates

This Week:

9/30 and 10/1: 5th Grade Band Begins for 5th Graders

10/1: Wear Red, White and Blue

Following Weeks:

10/6 School Site Council (SSC) Parent Interest forms due to Heidi -See Below

10/7 and 10/8 Picture Days

10/7, Thursday: Grades TK, K, 1st, and 2nd

10/8, Friday: Grades 3, 4, and 5

Make Up Day Picture Day and I Academy: 10/28 8:30-10:00 AM

10/8 Homecoming Parade @ 4:00 PM down Orange Ave... Bring the spirit on!

10/14 School Site Council (SSC) Elections

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Traffic Safety Alert

This week was better, but we really need your help keeping our students safe.

Our collective focus, with CPD this week, will be the following:

1. The student drop off zone is only in front of the school in the white painted curb area. Please stay in your car and help keep the traffic moving. We will begin Curb Side Host training this week, for 5th graders interested in this leadership opportunity. Curb Side Hosts will help students get out of the car in the white zones and encourage fluid traffic movement.

2. Please do not drop off students in the RED zone in front of the 6th street gate.

3. Please be kind and be a role model for students, parents and others around you. Aggressive tone, language or behaviors will not be tolerated.

4. Starting tomorrow, Monday Sept. 27th, 3rd graders will be released from the large gate facing 6th Ave, at the end of the day. 3rd grade teachers will walk students down to the gate and then students may leave. Please set a place where you will meet your child, preferably away from the gates to help avoid congregating and congestion.

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Curbside Hosts Training begins this week!

Being a curbside host is a unique leadership opportunity at Village Elementary for 5th graders. This leadership opportunity teaches our 5th graders about the importance of greeting our students each day with a smile and kind word, offering help to students getting out of cars each morning.

How does it work?

As parents drive up to the white curbs on H and 6th Ave, students will help open the door to your car, greet your family, and help our newly arriving students to get out of the car and close the door, to keep our traffic moving.

When does it start? Training for our students begins this week, September 27th. Thank you for your patience as Ms. Rachel Lozano trains our students for full implementation next week.

When is training this week?

For students who have already signed up to be a Curbside Host with Ms. Lozano,

7:45-8:05 AM Monday: Room 501

7:45-8:05 AM Tuesday: Room 502

7:45-8:05 AM Wednesday: Room 503

7:45-8:05 AM Thursday: Room 504

7:45-8:05 AM Friday: Room 505

What if I haven't signed up, but am interested?

If your student is a 5th grader, and interested in becoming a Curbside Host, please have them fill out an application in their classroom and we will get them scheduled soon!

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English Language Development Updates

ELD Update Week of September 27th

If your student is an English Language Learner (meaning their primary language is one OTHER than English), your student will begin receiving English Language Development (ELD) services from Mrs. Eveleen Coker this week, on Mondays, Tuesdays and for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, on Wednesdays, for 30 minutes daily. Updates will be coming home about the scope of this work and sample session foci.

California ELD Framework Scope and Sequence: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/rl/cf/elaeldfrmwrksbeadopted.asp

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CUSD App is HERE!!

For directions on how to download the CUSD app, please use the following links:

Google: https://bit.ly/3EDdhHt

Apple: https://apple.co/3hLW2Kb

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School Site Council (SSC)

School Site Council (SSC): Village Elementary is looking for 5 parents to serve on the Village Elementary (SSC) this year. The SSC is an advisory committee that meets with the principal and committee four times a year to review our School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and improvement funds aligned with our school areas of focus that have been identified in our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). SSC members serve voluntarily for two years.

Link to an overview of the role of the SSC on the California Department of Ed’s website: http://www.cde.ca.gov/fg/aa/co/ssc.asp

If you are interested, please send a short biography of your background and interest in serving (fewer than 250 words, please) to Heidi Bergener at Heidi.bergener@coronadousd.net by Wednesday, October 6th to include in the ballot. Voting will open, via email link, on October 10th, with the ballot closing at 3 pm on October 14th.

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Meet our MFLCs

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Superhero Tickets

Superhero tickets and prizes are BACK!!!

Students earn superhero tickets throughout the week for being safe, respectful, responsible and kind. They can earn them from any adult on campus who sees them exhibiting superhero behaviors.

Each Monday and Friday, after school, students will be able to bring their tickets in to trade for prizes. If they would like to save up their tickets, they can!

15 tickets=1 prize!

If your student has enough tickets to trade in for a prize, they will be escorted to the office before school lets out to pick a prize!

See below for other options.

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MFLC Notice of Information Re: EBT Cards

The government is sending out EBT cards for each child who participated in free meal programs last year. No notice has been given so many people are throwing them away. They are loaded with $400-$600 depending on whether they were virtual, hybrid or in person. They are being sent out alphabetically by child’s first name.

Her are links about the program.



NEW Decision Tree Released September 2nd, 2021: Please see below

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