Kid Abstract Art

With Sally Taylor

The Idea:

Kids naturally create art with vivid colors and joyful brushstrokes. With a little guidance in the process and color palette, your child can create a work of art worthy of framing and hanging in your home. These sessions are for children ages 4-6.

The Process:

This is a private class lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is a two step process on a 20"x20" canvas. The first step is very fast and requires very little skill. If you have a 1-3 year old who you would like to be involved, you can bring them for the first 15 minutes and they can contribute to the painting. The second step is more involved. Your child can voice color preferences, but I will control the palette so that the final pieces will have pleasing color combinations. I will guide them in brush technique, but it is their hand that will ultimately control the outcome.

The Product:

I will take the final canvas and cut it into 3-5 smaller pieces and mat them for you. I will choose the areas of the painting that have the best compositions. You will receive the matted pieces and then you can go to any frame store and select a pre-made frame or have them custom framed. I am happy to help with frame suggestions for your home.
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The Cost

$200/session taught in my studio/garage. While the session is not specifically geared to teach your child how to paint, the will gain color and brushstroke knowledge and, of course, have fun. You are paying for several beautiful and unique works of art that you can hang in your home or give as gifts.