Hello there Young Leaders!

Exchange Cafe and AIESEC night!

For our Exchange Cafe, we have specially invited our International Exchange Participants and Past Exchange Participants to share their stories and exchange experiences with you.

Do drop by and have a chat with us over our yummy drinks.

Here are the details:

Date : 23rd - 26th March 2015

Time : 10am-3pm

Venue : 23rd-25th (outside SLC) and 26th ( grand hall together with C&S day)

Interested in going for an exchange? Sign up here!

As for AIESEC Night, it is a night of exciting activities lined up just for you. At AIESEC Night you will:

- Discover who we are, what we do and how we do it.
- Find out about exchange
- Meet international exchange participants
- Be inspired by Unilever's Unileader Inspiring Session

Details :

Date : 27th March 2015

Time : 5pm - 8pm

Venue : LT22

Feeling excited? Reserve your seats here for AIESEC Night Hurry up because seats are LIMITED!

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Create your own six weeks journey worth sharing for a lifetime! :D

Be the change, go on exchange.

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