How to get you,r Horse on the bit

By Katharine day

The first step on training a horse

The first thing you need to try to train a bad behaved horse. is lead the horse around for the first week let them now you are there. Youre horse has learned that they are under you're power and you will not give up. Now try riding bare back for the second week be firm be aggressive Soon you,r horse will get use to you 'r weight. Now try the saddle you'r horse may pin his ears back but you will not allow that if the horse does that remove the saddle and take you'r horse to the ring or currall let the horse run around then slowly walk toward the horse with the blanket put the blanket to there nose show them it won't hurt them do the same thing with the saddle if you put the saddle on and they still get scared raise your hand as if you will pop them but make sure the horse has a halter on and use the lead rope and tie them where they can't reach to bite you and you should have no problem

A freindly Horse

If you want you a frendly hoorse you need to be frendly to them. A horse will go by you'r actions. If you are scared of you'r horse the horse knows it. You'r horse dosent know what you are scared of you'r horse dosent know if you see a snake or not so if you'r scared you'r horse is scared.

Are best trained Horses

Ride like someone left the gate open

a way to feel free

when you are rideing dont be afrade to take a chance if you'r horse wants to run let him run. dont be afraid to trust you'r horse if the horse trust you you can trust you'r horse

We are rideing buddies

We trust are owners and are owners trust us