Facts and information about hurricanes

Fast facts

  1. Hurricanes have winds at least 74mi mph.
  2. Hurricane Katrina was the most destructive.
  3. 40% of hurricanes in the USA hit Florida.
  4. Hurricanes are organized in 5 catogories.
  5. Sometimes hurricane names are retired.

What to do before, during, & after hurricanes

  • Before:You should build an emergency kit,make a family communication plan, & bring in items that will fly away.
  • During:Stay away from windows, electrical equipment, stay in a safe room & don't go outside in the eye of the storm.
  • After:Don't go outside alone, stay away from wires, tell someone if u smell gas, don't drink water from the faucet unless you know for sure it is ok.

Hurricanes & dates.

Hurricane Andrew was in 1992.
Hurricane Katrina was in 2005.
Hurricane Audrey was in 1957.
Hurricane Gilbert was in 1988.

Hurricane chart in the region

Hurricane chart of the world