Invigorating the Educational Spirit


STEAM stands for "Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Math"

Ardmore Elementary School's Motto is:

Be Ready! Be Responsible! Be Respectful!

January 2017 Volume 2 Issue 5

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January 9 - February 15 - WIDA Access (ESOL Assessment)

January 19 - End of Second Quarter

January 20 - Professional Development for Teachers (School Closed for Students)

January 30 - February 28 - MAP-R Testing Window

February 2 - Second Quarter Report Cards Released

February 6 - MAP-R Assessment (6th Grade)

February 7 - MAP-R Assessment (2nd and 5th Grades)

February 8 - MAP-R Assessment (2nd and 4th Grades)

February 9 - MAP-R Assessment (2nd and 3rd Grades)

February 10 - Professional Development (School Closed for Students)

February 13 - March 3 - Math Inventory Assessment

February 20 - President's Day (Holiday/School Closed)

March 2 - Read Across America Day

March 7 - Third Quarter Progress Reports Released

March 13-31 - MISA Administration 5th Grades (formerly MSA Science)

March 24 - End of Third Quarter

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Community Service Hours will only start after July 1st of your sixth grade school year.

Forms must be completed and signed by student, supervisor, and parent before turning in to Ms. Jackson.

Only original forms will be accepted. No exceptions.

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Mrs. Christou and Ms. Missirian would like to congratulate students in advanced for completing and submitting 2017 Write-A-Book entries.

Kudos to the following students:

Book Title: Sharks

Author: Michael Osorio-Pineda

Book Title: Different Kinds of Love

Author: Eileen Abarca-Mejia

Book Title: Bad Hair Day

Author: Adanma Martin

Book Title: SuperDog

Author: Jelani Diggs

Book Title: My Trip to Peru

Author: Sephora Rivas

Book Title: The Bees

Author: Herson Aplicano-Molina

Book Title: The Zoo

Author: Reynaldo Ramirez

Book Title: The Voice Under my Bed

Author: Divine Ubah and Rejoice Damoah