March Madness Follow Up

I hope you took away at least one valuable tip or trick or insight from the staff training last week. We had some requests for information regarding sessions people were not able to attend. So, here you go!

Brain Breaks

Nicole Lyssy showed some Brain Breaks that have been working in her classroom!

Active Formative Assessment

Nicole also showed some formative assessment strategies that she has been using.


Nila Stewart facilitated a discussion about homework and took some notes on some key points.

Exit Tickets

Craig McKinney shared some great exit ticket questions in his Wednesday WICOR recently.

Laura Blankenship showed 3 different ways students could complete exit tickets using their phones: Google Forms, Quizizz, and Today's Meet. All are free, web based, and available on the school WiFi. Feel free to ask Laura for a demo or help creating your own exit ticket!


Nancy Lewis uses Quizlet to set up review and formative assessment activities. There are activities you can set up for free as well as additional features with a paid account. Quizlet is also now available for Android and iPhone. Check it out! Ask Nancy if you have questions.