Spain's capital


In the middle of Spain

Major rivers and Mountains

Sierra de Guadarrama is a major mountain range.

The Manzanares is a major river in Madrid.

Historical facts

  • The name Madrid comes from the Arabic "Magerit " which means 'place of many streams'
  • Madrid has been the capital of Spain since the 17th century.
  • Madrid is 300 km from the sea.

Points of Interest

The Royal Palace - Madrid's most beautiful building, the world's largest royal palace in western Europe.

Puerta de Sol - Madrid's most central and best known square.

Gran Via - Madrid's most famous and most central street.

Average weather

Spring - 53 degrees

Summer - 74 degrees

Fall - 59 degrees

Winter - 43 degrees

Map of Madrid

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Most Popular Landmark The Royal Palace

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