Athletic Training

Stan Evertson

Education/Training Required

I interviewed Stan Evertson in order to find more information about his career. Stan Evertson is an athletic trainer at Northwest High School. He has worked at this school for over eight years but has been an athletic trainer for fourteen years. In order to become an athletic trainer people need "a high school degree and a history of anatomy and physiology" said Evertson.

Inside the Job

As a student, some high schools will have a training program that students can join and be apart of. As an adult though they're aren't a lot of opportunities for advancement. You could consider working for a college or a professional team as a step up, but other than that there isn't a lot of advancement.

Stan has worked for the Dallas Cowboys a few times during the summer. During the school year he puts in about 16 hours a day on and off the field. A typical day consists of football practice and other sports that go on before and after school, rehab before and after school, and of course games that he has to monitor incase of injuries.

Extra Information

Coach Evertson's favorite sport to train for is football because he enjoys the energy and being so close to the field. He gets about two months for vacation, but he sometimes has to be at the school during Holidays because of sports that practice or games during the holiday season.

The hardest thing about the job coach Evertson says is the ability to have a personal life outside of school because of the long hours. Ten years from now he doesn't see himself doing athletic training because he wants to be able to spend more time with his daughter. Despite the long hours he loves every second of it. He says that his life only changed because of athletic training. He enjoys spending time with students and athletes treating and educating them.

Typical Injuries