Bring Your Own Device

Ardmore BYOD


The Limestone County Board of Education has allowed Ardmore High School to pilot a Bring Your Own Device Initiative. This is one component of the Digital Passport Initiative which has been adopted by our county. Due to financial constraints mobile devices will not be available to high school students for a few years. Our students will be allowed to bring their own devices to help our teachers provide 21st Century Learning Opportunities to our students

What Parents Need to Know

Parents spend a lot of hard earned money to provide electronic devices to their children. It is entirely up to parents whether or not to allow their children to use their devices at school. Students will not be pressured in any way to use their device in class. Teachers will ask for volunteers and work in groups to provide learning opportunities. All students will be provided learning opportunities whether they have a device or not.

Cell Phones may be used during non-instrutional times such as during class change and during lunch. Devices may only be used during class time at teacher discretion. Students will be instructed by their teachers when devices may be used in class. Students using cell phones during class without permission will be subject to disciplinary action.