Haley Bramble


During Infancy the physical, social/emotional, and intellectual development is extremely important. A infants physical development is the strength of the muscles and how they develop coordination. A infants social/ emotional development is how the baby bonds with the parents and how the family adjusts to the new baby. Last but not least a infants intellectual development is the child's ability to understand and think about his/her world.
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Physical Development

A babies physical development is important because it allows the baby to gain strength in their muscles and to develop better coordination. When the baby is a newborn their muscles are not strong enough which is why you must hold the newborns neck while holding them. By four months the baby is able to lift its head, and by six months the baby can balance their head. When babies learn to sit it actually makes their abdominal muscles get stronger.

Social/ Emotional Development

The emotional connection that a parent or caregiver develops with the baby is bonding. Bonding builds confidence when a caregiver spends time with the baby and meets the babies needs. Caregivers need to adjust to the new baby, such as their schedule, the temperament, and needs for the new baby. Mothers who just gave birth need time for physical and psychological adjustments.

Editors note

When researching all of this information i could personally relate to most of it, where as i have not had my child yet i observed the way my mother was when she had my two little brothers. I watched my mother have to go through several adjustments like waking up in the middle of the night, and the child always wanting your attention. I see my little brothers in the physical development stage all the time, even though they are now five and six i remember when everything around them was new, they always wanted to get into everything because they wanted to know what everything was.
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