Snowy Sheathbill

By Maddison


The snowy sheathbill is a white bird with a very warty face ,These birds have a very thick layer of feathers.The Snowy sheathbill weights about 460-780g , it is 34 cm tall The snowy sheathbill is the only bird in Antarctica, As they grow older there beaks get bigger.


Snowy sheathbills eat about anything they come across as long as its edible. They will often go down to the shore and feed on wash up seaweed, Snowy sheathbills will not eat other birds but they will interrupt chicks feeding and they will also eat carrion of penguins and they will eat the left overs from feeding times


The snowy Sheathbill lives in Antarctica and migrates to south Georgia. They like to sleep and breed in rocky crevasses.Living very south then migrate north for the winter


They are very notorious scavengers they are described as skilled thieves. The snowy sheathbill would rather walk on land then fly. They will not fly if a human surprised them they will just stop and stare


The snowy sheath bill will attack if a enemy tries to attack they will stare and make noises to scare them off such as the mutt-mutt noise, They will also try and nip them with there beaks