By Molly


1. Mum always makes the best dinners EVER!!

2. Mum always buys me Yogurtland, a.k.a. YUMMY

3. Mum always cuddles with me when I'm cold or sad

4. Mum always lets me snuggle with her in the morning

5. Mum always helps me with my homework, even if she is doing chores!

6. Mum always makes me laugh

7. Mum always gives the sloppiest kisses! :/

8. Mum always gets me the best books

9. Mum always throws the best birthday parties in the WORLD

10. Mum always loves me and I love her back!

Mum will always be special. She is kind, funny, helpful and since she is a nurse; she always makes me feel better. I love Mum to the Moon and Back 1000 times. Mum is the best mum anyone could ever ask for, I know that I love her more than anyone in the whole world!

I love you mum!


Love Molly

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