Crockett Early Education School

January Parent Newsletter

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Content Areas

PreK 4


-Recognize and compare heights or lengths of people or objects

-Use concrete objects, pictures, or models to add up to 5 objects


-Combine words to make a compound word

-retell or re-enact a story

-combine syllables into words

-segment a syllable from a word

-compare and contrast

-recognize rhyming words

-asks and responds to questions about a text

-blends onset and rime to form a word



C / F

R / B

U / J

L / G

Word Wall Words:

the/ el

of/ un

and/ me

is/ a


Introduction to non-fiction


-Use simple measuring devices to learn about objects

-Demonstrate the importance of caring for our environment and our planet

Social Studies/SEL

-Shows self-awareness and express pride

-Discuss roles and responsibilities of family, school and community helpers

-identify and create common features in his/her immediate environment

Pre-K 3

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In January, we're working on the following:

Letter Focus:

-Y, y, Z, z, A, C, E, E, G, P, Ch, F, L, O,

Language and Literacy:

-Story Retelling





-AB, ABC, AABB patterns

-Circular patterns

Social Science:

-Helping Hands

Ways to Help at Home.....

Academic Development:
-Ask three-year-olds what songs and books they would like to sing/ read
-Ask three-year-olds to tell you what they think will happen next in familiar book or story
-Ask three-year-olds simple questions about past experiences and respond with interest to their answers
-Point out landmarks and signs as you drive or walk around the neighborhood
- Ask three-year-olds questions that use their memory (“Which way do we go now?”, “Do you remember who lives in this house?”, “Do you see the library?”)

Physical Development:

-Provide three-year-olds with tongs and clothespins to play with and practice picking up small objects
-Make a scissor station in a box with safety scissors and paper, and ask three-year-olds to try to cut out shapes, words, and pictures
-Ask three-year-olds to write and draw and provide fun materials for doing so (colored pencils, crayons and markers, paper of various colors, pens, markers, etc.)
-Encourage three-year-olds to dress themselves and celebrate their attempts
-Encourage three-year-olds to use utensils while they eat and celebrate their success in doing so

Emotional Development:

-Offer guidance and comfort when three-year-olds are having trouble with their emotions and behavior (“You seem really sad. Do you want to read a book with me or play with Maya?”)
-Have a quiet space for three-year-olds to go when they are having trouble with their emotions and behavior
-Positively recognize three-year-olds for expressing and controlling intense feelings like anger and frustration (“You used your words, Eva, even though you were frustrated.”)
-Discuss upset feelings with three-year-olds when they have become calm (“I am glad that you feel better now. You seemed angry; was it because you didn’t get your toy?”)

-Talk about and use consistent rules, and praise toddlers when they follow the rules
-Use pictures to explain rules and schedules and keep lists of rules positive and short

Specials Corner

Note from your Specials Team:

Happy New Year from your Specials Team!

Below are some of the special things your child will be learning in specials during the month of January.

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We will continue to experiment with PAINT in Art class. We will be revisiting color mixing in different ways. Lots of fun artwork should be coming home this month!

-Mrs. Lovelace

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With the start of New Year’s resolutions we will discuss healthy choices in PE. We will talk about healthy eating and the importance of exercise. The students will learn how to jump rope and we will continue to work on our cardio skills.

-Coach Tran

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In Music, during the month of January we will begin working on our Spring program songs. Each pod will perform in the Spring. Please watch your teachers communication for the exact date of each performance. We will also be talking about high and low sounds and loud and soft. Looking forward to some great sounds coming out of the music classroom.

-Mrs. Mauldin

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Important Dates in January-

  • 1/8- Students return to school from holiday break
  • 1/9- Student report cards will be available on Skyward
  • 1/9- Fire Drill
  • 1/14- Lock down Drill
  • 1/16- PACT Meeting (Fun with Measuring) @ 8:30-9:30a
  • 1/17- GPISD Board Meeting @ 6p
  • 1/21- MLK Jr. Day: NO SCHOOL
  • 1/23- Dunkin' with Dads Event (RED & YELLOW PODS) @ 8:30-9:00a
  • 1/24- Dunkin' with Dads Event (GREEN & BLUE PODS) @ 8:30-9:00a
  • 1/25- Dunkin' with Dads Event (PURPLE & ORANGE PODS) @ 8:30-9:00a
  • 1/30- PACT Meeting (Strategies for Effective Discipline) @ 8:30-9:30a

Health Spot

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Look Out Below!!!

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-Please provide students with change of clothes daily.

-Please do not send medicine in the back packs, you must sign all meds in with clinic staff.

-All medications require a medication administration form completed by the doctor.

-If there are any new medical diagnosis or concerns present during or after the break please notify the clinic staff.

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Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Head lice can be a problem among school aged children. We need your help in controlling head lice. Grand Prairie Independent School District follows the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics for control of head lice. The only exception being, we do exclude students with live lice. Students with live lice or nits ¼ inch (live nits) or closer to the scalp shall be excluded from school until they are clear. To avoid unnecessary exclusion the administration provides the following guidelines:

Recent research has shown that routine classroom screenings for head lice are unnecessary. However, should multiple cases be reported, (more than 2 cases in the same class room at the same time) the nurse will screen that classroom.

  1. If the school nurse or teacher discovers head lice or live nits in a student’s hair, the parent/guardian of that student will be notified to pick up their student. The student may not return to school until treated. Treatment recommendations and literature will be provided to the parent.
  2. Upon returning to school, the parent must accompany the student into the clinic to be rechecked by the nurse. Once the nurse has rechecked the student and no live lice or live nits are found, the nurse will give the student a note to be readmitted to class. If live head lice are found at that time, the parent/guardian will again take the student home for retreatment. The nurse shall reinstruct the parent concerning treatment. This process will continue until the student is free of head lice.
  3. If head lice continue to be a problem after treatment, parents need to get over-the- counter lice treatment shampoo or a prescription treatment. You may also want to contact a lice treatment company to remove the lice/nits for you.
  4. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a parent/campus administrator conference.

If you have any questions, or if we can be of further service, please contact your school nurse.

Thank you,

Director of Health Services

Counselor's Corner

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This month we are focusing on fostering empathy. The Empathy is a skill that we can cultivate and strengthen with practice. Empathy means that we can imagine what someone else is thinking or feeling and then respond in a caring manner. Most four-year-olds are beginning to understand that their actions affect the emotions of others (e.g., "If I if I help someone it can help them feel happy").

Ways to Strengthen Empathy:

· Model Empathy

Model empathy by reflecting your children's emotions and responding with compassion.

· Provide opportunities to help/think of others

Little hands can help in big ways. Giving your child the opportunity to help/think about others can help foster empathy.

Yadira Reyes

School Counselor


Our attendance average for the month of December was 93%.

Our Campus Goal is to have 98% of our students present every day. Please help us by ensuring your child is here each day, on time and remains at school for the duration of the school day.

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Crockett Celebrations

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Congratulations to our December Staff Member of the Month, our instructional coach, Mrs. Kathy Hasty! Mrs. Hasty not only leads by example but always has a great attitude and is willing to help in any way she can. We are blessed to have her and we love her.

Thank you!

Thank you for all the ways you continue to support us!

-We love that we were able to come together as a school community to donate toys to our Toys for Tots Drive!

-Thank you to all that came out for our Chick-fil-A night in December! We loved getting to share dinner with all of our students and families!

-Thank you to the Moms who were able to come and spend time on campus for our Cocoa with Mom event!

-We appreciate the parents who came to serve during our second Campus Improvement Committee meeting this month!