(Art with a better meaning)

What the banana is Ilizyon?

Ilizyon is a company that sells sheets of paper, with a hidden picture to puzzle artists and customers who look and view it. It can feature one with no wars, or about why not to care only about money. It will come ONLY if you donate $1,650.00 at least. It can help teachers and can be used to confuse other beings.

Supply and Demand

Our Nautral Resource is Paper, Which is going to be $31.96 out of all 500 sheets we will get. Our 2 Human Resouces that we are going to need are 2 cashiers ,Which we will pay them $15 an hour. The other human resource we will need is 50 artists who will get payed $20 an hour. Then our 5 Capital Resources we are going to need are pencils/colored pencils which is going to cost 7.99 per pack ,and we geting 20 packs so the total will be $383.52. The other capital resource we will need is 4 pairs of sissors which will cost $6.99 per pair ,so in all the sissors will cost $27.96. The next capital resource we will need is some sharpies and pens for outlining and tracing. One pack of sharpies cost $3.97 ,but we need 5 packs ,so our total is $19.85. Another capital resouce we will need is a copy machine which will cost $299.99 ,and we only need 2 copy machines ,so our total is $599.98. Last but not least we will need a cash register which costs $199.99 per register ,so if we want 3 cash registers our our total is $599.97. Now let's talk about demand. Our demand for our paintings is going to be $250.00 per painting ,but if we are asked from artists to buy our paintings the price is going to increase to $500.00. If teachers enjoy our paintings we will still increase our price because we will be showing children and also adults. So that is all about our supply and demand. I hope you buy our paintings.

How It Happnd

Nathan, The Owner Of Ilizyon, Has First Thought Of Just Art On Napkins During Idea Phase. Until He Starts Doodling On A Square, MJ, A Worker, Thinks Of Illusions And Confusions. While Larry thought of art with a better meaning meanwhile Nathan Makes More And More Doodles. But Then He Has An Idea. Illusions with a better meaning.