Pride And Prejudice: A Musical

Shaad Hussain

Song #1: The Imperial March - A New Hope (Darcy's First Appearance)

This fit the scene of Darcy's first appearance in the novel, where he seems stoic, intimidating, and unapproachable, much like Darth Vader. Not many women like Darcy, and he doesn't have a positive or congenial attitude at all. The atmosphere also becomes decidedly more tense. The movie entrance is very similar to Darth Vader's, and that's partially where I got my information from.

Song #2: Not One of Us - Lion King 2 (Eliza gets letter about Wickham)

This song's main theme is about deception and betrayal, particularly with Wickham towards Eliza. Wickham gave her a false story about Darcy to gain her sympathy and support while he was actually much much worse. He seduced Darcy's underage sister (and would later seduce Eliza's) and misrepresented everyone in his sob story. This song shows how Eliza feels deceived by him, and how he turned into the pariah of society.

Song #3: Renegades - X Ambassadors (Lydia and Wickham run off)

This shows the rebellious spirit of both of them and their total defiance of their parents and lack of consideration for the family reputation. This song lauds the rebels and challengers, and those who go against the norm. They've also run away, which adds to the excitement factor and why the song fits so well.

Song #4: Cruella de Ville – 101 Dalmatians (Lady Catherine visits Bennet house)

The song and mood fit the character and scene way too well. Much like the Imperial March, Lady Catherine has the aura of a malicious, dissatisfied rich woman, much like Cruella. They're both extremely selfish and narcissistic and will try to get what they want when they visit their respective houses. Catherine doesn't want Eliza to marry Darcy, and Cruella wants the pups for her fur coats.
Star Wars- The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)
The Lion King 2 - Not One Of Us (English)
X Ambassadors - Renegades (Lyric Video)
Cruella De Vil (Original Song)