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Another busy week at College...

This week I had the chance to pop in to many of your classes to say hi to you and your students. Thank you for making me feel welcomed and allowing me to disrupt your sessions. My thanks also goes to the members of our board of governors Larry Granger, Louise Hall and Tony Jephcott who took part in a session with students at LOC to seek their views on the College and how we can do things better. Your presence, interest in and dedication to the College of FE and its students is greatly appreciated by both staff and students.

I also started on two courses at the College this week both to do with navigation and safety whilst on sea! In choosing what courses to enrol on since our prospectus came out, I thought with the choppy waters coming our way I better have this experience as I navigate our Good Ship CFE to shores of certainty and prosperity over the next few years. I am very excited by the prospect of being able to make head or tail of Admiralty charts soon (one can only live in hope!). So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme and managed to master tying a few knots and untangling a few here and there too. Both skills will come handy I am sure...

There is a great deal going on at the College both in the classroom and behind the scenes. We are grappling with some unfilled vacancies that are beginning to impact on the workload. The College REP is taking shape and so is the plan for the data set and format for our monthly performance management meetings. Despite the pressures I am pleased to see that you are all working hard to make sure what matters most is taken care of, the welfare, wellbeing and experience of our learners at the College. Thank you for that.

On the behind the scenes front I am pleased to say that the work that Education Department is doing in collaboration with us on the Framework for the Governance of the College, our Outcome Agreement and Funding methodology for the future is taking shape and hopefully I will be able to share these with you in October. The States budget has the Education Departments request for capital funds pencilled in the envelope of the Budget that is to be debated next month and in anticipation of that being approved we are now starting to work on the detailed plans for the move from 3 to 2 campus. I will share with you how these progress as and when matters are confirmed.

Next week we will say goodbye to Sheila Holt the Executive Assistant who has decided after 12 years working at the College of FE to retire and move back to UK. Sheila has been a great asset to the College and will be greatly missed. I would like to extend my personal thanks to her for the superb support she has given me since my appointment. I would have been simply lost without her care and I would like to wish her well for her future and a long, happy and fulfilling retirement.

In replacing the big shoes that Sheila is leaving behind we have a very capable and worthy replacement in Laura Le Maitre. I am sure you join me in congratulating Laura in her new role. I very much look forward to Laura taking charge and keeping me on the straight and narrow with her superb organisational, interpersonal and administration skills and support me as we move forward. She will be playing a key role at the College and I wish her the very best of luck in her new role.

First week of Autumn and the weather still holds true to the best summers I have ever had in UK! It makes getting on the bike and having a ride as the sun goes down extremely pleasant. What a great privilege to live on this beautiful Island. If you are taking part in the 30 runs in 30 Days I wish you the very best of luck.

I would like to start an Autumn Snaps photography competition. If you are out and about during the next few weeks capture the beauty of this season. This year's Autumn Snaps theme is on "Beauty of Change". Please send your photos to Laura Le Maitre by 1 December 2014 and we will announce the 3 top winners in the last issue of Engage for this term. Happy clicking away!

Have a great weekend.

Saboohi Famili

Chief Executive and Principal

Coutanchez news


Michael Millar, lecturer at Highlands College Jersey, will be here in College tomorrow to update the Electronic Submission System (E-Subs) whcih the IT Team have been piloting for the last couple of years. Whilst piloting the use of this online assessment system they have been helping Michael to develop it via their feedback to him.

The system will be updated to accomodate the new Level 2 IT units which will enable the students to complete all assignments online and access feedback online as soon as their assessment is completed. E-Subs makes assessment virtually paperless & was introduced in Highlands College initially as a pilot and it is now being rolled out across more areas.

If any team would like an overview of how the system works I am sure that the IT teaching team would be happy to demonstrate E-Subs by arrangement with Chris Torode.

Further good news in IT, Dan has negotiated 60 free software licences, Unrealengine4 for the College. The software is used by professionals for game creation and programming.

Eileen, yes the lady we lock in the Goldfish Bowl!, has launched the ESOL courses this week and we have 40 learners enrolled at different levels. With learners coming from Russia, Poland, France, Spain, Thailand, Latvia and the Czech Republic!

John Norman

Assistant Principal


Martine is on the run again…..she is doing 30 runs in 30 days for Les Bourgs Hospice and if anyone would like to sponsor her, a sponsorship form is with Carole on reception.

I’m representing the college on Friday at the IoD seminar exploring “Education: our island’s preparedness for the 21st Century”. I will be joined by Kieran James from the 6th Form Centre, Simon Le Tocq from the GTA and Richard Rolfe from Codex – it looks as though it will be an interesting discussion….

We are planning to develop our branding and our college identity alongside a marketing strategy over the coming months. If you have some particular skills in this area and would like to get involved please contact me janel@gcfe.net

Jane Le Poidevin

Assistant Principal

Delancey News

There has been a flurry of activity in Access with a full programme of student events and engagement taking place. A social evening was held for students past and present at the Island Bowl, they have been sailing, swimming, gardening and also having too much fun on the swings in the park** The highlight of the week was the visit to London to watch a special relaxed performance of War Horse. As you’ll see from the photo, the vast majority of the students were having an amazing time and they all returned full of praise for the great trip and the commitment of the staff. Sue even managed to squeeze in some additional sightseeing on an alternative bus route!!

To end such a busy week Alice is working with the Access students to hold a coffee morning at Delancey campus to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

- The Guernsey Photographic Festival went incredibly well over the weekend and there has been a real buzz among the Creative students this week.

- Health & Early Years students have been accessing the facilities at the Institute of Health as part of the ongoing collaboration between the College and HIS.

- The Skills Development team should be commended for the work they have done in getting students through the initial assessments and diagnostics.

- ALIS adaptive testing is complete and results will be available for staff to discuss with students next week.

- Phil did us proud organising a great night out last Friday. Everyone that made it enjoyed good food in great company. Conversations bounced between Lego, Scotland, Mars, Korea, Left-Handedness, Meals on Wheels and of course high level debate of educational policy! And at least one member of staff had a ripping time! Look out for Phil’s next concise email on staff outings.

**all Delancey students have been reminded that the children’s play area on Delancey park is not for their use and that they must be mindful of families and young children when they are in the park so as to ensure they behave in a way that represents the college well. It is hoped that we won’t need to sign off anymore accident report forms for students banging their heads on a swing!!

Jeff Stuart

Acting Assistant Principal

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PLCs starting


Tables & chairs on patio outside refectory

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Links Students (Tuesday 4.30pm) students on motorbikes revving up outside in the car park for 15 minutes - until I told them.

Students disrespecting tutors


Somewhere for students to heat food - idea being researched

Can we have an open and transparent update on the current situation with the new online BTEC exams platform? Not being able to offer these on demand exams is effecting teaching & learning & target setting - We have urgenetly reviewed the situation and identified that the only areas affected are - 3 areas that run BTEC, and Functional Skills . We have discussed implications with the relevant Managers. Urgent steps have been taken to ensure that our students learning is not affected by this issue. A new server has been ordered and it is anticipated that the students with qualifications affected will be able to sit exams from the beginning of November, (start of exams window).

Students eating in hallways making a mess - crumbs on floor etc - remind students of where they should be eating. A notice to be put in Student Newsletter.


Computers are so slow they are affecting learning –negatively - IT Support are working with the appropriate bodies to improve the performance of the network, some significant work is taking place in October that will go someway to improving this situation.

Computers in Library so slow it’s taken me half an hour to so something that should take 5 minutes! - Les Ozouets Campus is particularly affected by the network infrastructure in place and again discussions are taking place to improve this going forward.

Food vending machine in refectory – too many people losing money and not receiving goods!!! - Craig is investigating the reason for this.

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When staff leave, should they not be removed from email?

Why can't we offer extra hours to current staff rather than agency?


Recycling bin for bottles in Refectory needed

Water cooler in Room L111A – please


Please find below the dates, times and room locations for our Exam Drop In’s. These sessions are being held for any Exam related issues and Pro Solution guidance that Tutors may require. We ask that all staff that have questions and problems that need solving to come to one or more of these drop in’s where we will be happy to help. We look forward to seeing you.

Sam & Steph


Friday 3 Oct 12-2 pm (Room L105)

Wednesday 15 Oct 9-11 (L110)

Thursday 20 Nov 4-5 (L103)


Wed 8th Oct 09-11 (D29)

Thursday 6 November 3-5 (D31)

Wednesday 26 Nov 9-11 (D29


Wednesday 1st Oct 9-11 (Room 208)

Thursday 16 Oct 3-5 (208)

Friday 21 Nov 12-2pm (208)

Rachel Guilbert is the new Training Liaison Officer

Rachel will be taking on Sheila’s role as Training Liaison Officer for the College in the short term. Rachel will be contacting staff through email regarding training-related matters.There are lots of good courses available out there, so please get in touchwith Rachel have any questions.


We have 70 people already attending our Christmas Party, so if you feel like you are missing out, contact me ASAP. I’m happy to keep adding to our numbers.

For those of you who have already expressed an interest in attending, it is time to, in the famous words of Chas and Dave, “Pay up and look big”. I require, ASAP, a deposit of £12.50pp. I am happy to accept full payment if you wish (£25pp). If you could pay in cash, that would be most helpful. Either leave your deposit at reception at LOC or Coutanchez or put it in my pigeon hole if you are at Delancey. Alternatively, send it via the internal mail. We’ll get to the menu choices soon…

If you could make this process as painless as possible, it would be most appreciated.

Also, if anyone wishes to form a small working party to help me get this event from a spreadsheet to St Pierre Park, I’d be happy to hear from you. All help and support will be most welcome. Please e-mail me.


We are currently seeking to employ on a temporary basis, a Receptionist/Telephonist and Administrator at the Delancey Campus for 36 hours per week.

The post will commence on 5th January 2015 until the end of June 2015.

The main purpose of this temporary post is to provide reception and an administration service. The main duties are –

· To act as a reception focus for general enquiries at the Delancey Campus for students and the general public, for which a pleasant and helpful attitude is essential.

· To operate the telephone switchboard and to relay messages to staff.

· To provide general clerical assistance in connection with the collection of fees, the issue of receipts and to assist with other administrative duties as may be required.

The successful candidate will have a good telephone manner and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

If you think you would be interested in this temporary position, please email me outlining why you would be suitable for the post by 14:00 hours on Friday 3rd October 2014.

Thank you.

Rick Fletcher

Director of Resources

Brainteaser Winner Announced!

Thank you for all your entries into the first ENGAGE Competition, it certainly got all your minds whirring! Congratulations to Julie Hyde! whose winning entry was drawn out of the hat. Well done!

Please come to Coutanchez Reception where your prize awaits!

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