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MAD Travel Philippines - Make a Difference



Your mission will provide you with first hand experiences of Social Entrepreneurship. The Team will be based at The Enchanted Farm in the Bulacan Province, North of Manila. It is a GK community that has evolved into an Incubator, a social entrepreneurship eco-system and platform that allows social enterprises to strive and collaborate with the poor directly on site.


With over 2,300 communities built, the GK Incubator for social enterprises is dedicated to providing inclusive job opportunities for the GK families and empower the residents to be part of raising the awareness and progress of GK in inclusive growth and development, on an international scale.

“Make A Difference” or MAD a social tourism enterprise envisions to: Connect the west and east, the rich and poor, rural and urban.

MAD's two-fold aim are to:

  1. Develop awareness for social conscious travellers (wanting to volunteer, have a social impact while privately on holiday, learn about the local social challenges)
  2. Experiential study tours on a large scale with our international schools, university and business school partners. To enable students to develop global leadership skills and deeper insights into Southeast Asia, through a local organisation.

The aim of your project

Support the newest GK social enterprise in developing a solid business plan, based on the social business canvas. Integrating a Business case AND a Social case to operate as a Social Enterprise. In teams, you will be working in the business areas of either: partnerships and business development, operations and business model, marketing or financial analysis.

Project objectives

  1. To understand the local context and immerse into community life and the GK development Model
  2. To conduct primary research (group interviews, questionnaires), gathering relevant information to support the MAD team in developing the business plan
  3. To produce a feasible report with proposals and present to the MAD team and GK founder Tony Meloto.

How do we ensure your social impact?

  • All GK student projects are needs based, meaning that we scope challenges of our communities beforehand and directly speak to the local families and teams for potential solutions
  • Your mission is part of GK's holistic approach to inclusive development that has been internationally recognised for its proof of concept and evidence of progress
  • We collaborate with leading national and international academic institutions for social impact assessments
  • Over 500 students from the European region, including more than 100 students from ESCP Europe Paris have been on our missions before. This number is rising fast.
  • With over 2,000 GK communities, there are many challenges and thus opportunities to join our movement for inclusive growth
  • Two weeks is not a long time, however for this reason a GK Social Impact Officer who will be travelling with you - in your case the GK Europe Director who is Filipina/German and with an upbringing in both countries-, provision of comprehensive materials , workshops and needs based missions, will prepare you to dive into your mission and to facilitate your social impact. Which is in our interest to empower more people out of poverty!

What have previous students said about their missions?

  • "GK provides a safe environment to explore Asia and gain a cross-cultural understanding"
  • "I got real field exposure through a local, home grown organisation"
  • "My horizon was broadened to look for new career paths and job opportunities"
  • "Learnt from the multi-sectorial partnership approach of GK that is essential in today's business world"
  • "It was both a personal and career development journey"
  • "I want to come back and continue to be part of sustainable social impact projects"
  • "I got to understand how the poorest in society live"

*Important next steps*

Let us know your preferred date of travel!

It is important that you let us know your preferred departure date from London. Following this request by many of you, we want to be as flexible as possible, to give you an extra day to plan your social impact mission and rotation to the next ESCP Europe Campus.

Please use this link to let us know which date you prefer, or use the below Form.

Completing your Personal Details Form and Project Fee

By Monday, 30th March 2015 - Make sure to complete:

(A) Personal Details Form - Social Impact Mission Participant, Click Here

(B) Transfer the non-refundable Administration Fee of GBP £330 = EURO €460 to Gawad Kalinga Europe, via:

1. International Bank Transfer, details can be found on the Personal Details Form. (International transfer charges may apply, depending on your bank)

2. Credit/Debit Card at HelloAsso: A dedicated crowdfunding platform for your mission - Click here (no additional charges, except a standard exchange rate)

If we do not receive the above on Monday, 30th March 2015, your place will automatically be offered to another applicant on the waiting list.

What happens after you secure your place?

As soon as you have completed all requirements, you will have access to the online ESCP Europe-GK Knowledge Hub and next steps to facilitating your social impact. This Participant only website is designed to be your one-stop shop for information, to get you and your team ready for the travels and field mission.

These include:

- A personal contact at STA UK to coordinate your travel requirements, via a dedicated email address and telephone number. Giving you the option to benefit from competitive flight ticket discounts of approximately £100-£200, for the dates of the mission (this may vary according to date of booking)

- Discounts on international health insurance

- A comprehensive FAQ, collated from previous students and teams

- Tips on visa, insurance, health and safety, fundraising, what to pack and bring to the field

- Insights into the "Field 101" workshops on 9th April and 29th May at your campus - between 4.30-7pm! These workshops are scheduled at the ESCP Europe Campus to provide practicals skills and tools to prepare you for the field and assigned social impact mission. It will be interactive and will require you to participate hands on.

Get connected to the rest of your team - via your Team Soundboard! You will be going on a great personal journey and project with social impact together, so it is time to get to know each other!

Let's get the preparations going - we are here to assist!

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For any questions, please get in touch with our team at:

For all communications please write ESCP Europe 2015 in the 'subject field'.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Philippines!

Your GK Europe Team