Put a stop to child labor!

Child labor is wrong!

It was extremely unhealthy

Children would work long day with very little if any food at all. If they did something wrong they would get beat, sometimes severely. When working in factories there would be extreme heat and some couldn't see from all the dust. Employers would hire kids as young as 5 who would get hurt very easily. In the conversation spoken between a young child and a investigator he learned that kids are treated horribly in the work area.

Work is very dangerous

In coal mines children faced many dangers such as explosions, drowning in underground floods, and suffocation of poisonous gases. When working in textile factories kids would have to crawl under machines with many moving parts that could easily cut them. Also they would get beat sometimes severely. Before 1810 wooden supports were used to hold up tunnels and would collapse easily and cause many deaths every year.

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Working as a child was unfair

Kids got treated as the lowest class at a working area. Children would have to slave over vents all day in mines, opening and closing them all day. Children would often make 10% of pay as most adult males would for the exact same work. Also they were force to work to help pay bills and food for there family.

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Laws help improve the work area for children!

In the 1800's many laws were passed to improve working for children. Some were the work day was shortened, children 8-9 were not allowed to work in cotton mills. For a while the laws were not being enforced so from 1830-1840 britain made a team of investigators to make sure the laws were enforced. Afterwards children had to be educated to work and if the child was under 10 in was not allowed. Things only kept getting better for the children of britain!