How The federal court System works

Khala L.

Equal Justice for all

Courts settle all issues with everybody including people that want to sue the government if they feel their rights have been taken away. The courts applies the laws to the case and also hold criminal trials for people waiting to be proven guilty or innocent.

* All of who is accused is innocent till proven guilty (decided by judge or jury)

Rights of the Accused

People who have been the accused have 2 rights which 1. The right to a public trial 2. The right to have a Lawyer. The accused is allowed to ask the court a review of their case if they feel as if something is not right ( this is called an Appeal which is heard in a Appellate court.)

The goal is legal justice under the law.


Original & Appellate jurisdiction is the authority of a court to provide the first hearing of a specific case. Example :The two recent examples of Original Jurisdiction is Louisiana V. Mississippi (decided in October 1995) and Nebraska V. & Wyoming (decided in May 1995). Appellate Jurisdiction is the power of a court to review decisions and change outcomes of decisions of lower courts. Most appellate jurisdiction is legislatively created, and may consist of appeals by leave of the appellate court or by right.

District Court & Court Appeal

District Court is a state of federal trial court. Court of Appeal is a court to which appeals are taken in federal circuit or a state.

Examples of District and Court of Appeal: For example, the United States Court of appeal for 11th circuit handles cases from the states of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Example of District Court: The formal name of a district court is "the United States District Court for" the name of the district an example is United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.


The U.S. Attorney have a lot of roles and power they Represent the Unites States in civil cases involving the Government. They also Present their claim to the court and they also have the ability to prosecute people accused of breaking the law. The U.S. Marshall make arrest and take convicted people to prison. Their are qualifications to become a U.S Marshal. The Magistrate Judge Decides someones fate they also determine rather the case should go to trial. The Committee will search for a Precedent to help it determine the next course of action.

Vocabulary Continued ...

The year 1848 a Whig member of the state senate from 1849 to 1853 was United States marshal for Massachusetts. In which capacity he was called upon in 1851 to remand the fugitive slave, Thomas Sims, to slavery.