Elvis Presley

How did he become the king of rock?

How he started his career

when Elvis had his 11th birthday he had got a guitar this really push his singing career to a start but down the line of song the guitar became more of a prop then something he used to make music for the amount of $3.98 Elvis made recorded a two-side for your own performance and after that he started to make songs


That's All Right is the biggest song in his song making career Elvis has won may award in his live time some of them are grammy lifetime achievement award, grammy hall of fame, grammy award for best inspirational performance, American music awards award of merit, world s outstanding popular singer as you can see Elvis Presley was a grate man

Fascinating Facts About Elvis Presley

did yo know that Elvis had a twin brother how was born 36 minute after Elvis was a stillborn

. also did you know that Elvis bought Graceland of about 102,500 and Elvis was in the army in for 23 years after he had already became famous . when Elvis was only 42 years old he died of heart failed because of lots of drug. Elvis Presley was a really good man in all.

Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (Music Video)