Abbie M

Student, Sister,

About Myself

I am 13 and I go to a Junior High. I have 2 sisters named Molly and Emily. My sister Emily goes to a Christian school. And my sister Molly goes to a public school like me. Me and my sisters get into arguments alot. ON my spare time I mostly spend my time in my room. I like to draw, play minecraft, watch movies, and eat. In school I have all A's and B's. In my house I am the computer expert. When my mom cant open the internet she has me do it. I am the oldest. Since Im the oldest, I have to do most of the chores. My favorite foods to eat are Chinese, pizza, soup, and sandwitches! When I graduate, I want to be a teacher. Or if that does'nt work out, I would also like to be an Archeologist. I also want to go to space. I like the planets and stars.