India is a fun place to visit there is a lot of new food and other stuff that you might enjoy!

India's famous foods

Hey if your a vegetarian,come down to India there is a lot of vegetables. If your a vegetarian and LOVE spicy stuff come on down to India where you can try a Gobi Masaledar its awesome. Embrace your taste buds and come to India where you can also try some Ratia. vegetables and fruit are very important in India. If your taste buds are asleep and not working try Barfi it will wake them up.India has very unique dishes come down and try them all.


There is a lot of culture in India. Did you know that India has about 100 million muslims? In the late 1980s several groups in Kashmir began to hold demonstrations against Indian rules. The main culture in India is Buddhism. India's culture is a lot of fun go and check it out.


The Indians play a lot of activities. In the cities most of the games that were introduced by the British are popular today. In India music sounds different from the United States' music. Indians have been known to play board games and play for hours. Indians are also known to do lots of yoga. Indians love to go outdoors, so go to india and play with them.


Do you like historical sights? Well here you go, go to India and check them out. There are two ancient sites in India, Ropar in Punjab and Kalilabagan in Rajaslhan. Numerous small revolts eventually culimnated in the Sepoy Revolt of 1857. Mohatma Gandi was assassinated in 1948, not long after India's indepandence. At the start of the 20th century some liberal British polices brought social and economic reforms. that is only some of them.


How many languages do you speak? There are more than 400 districts in India. Did you know their are only 15 languages in India? One of the languages is Hindi. There are also, four state languages Tamli, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu. Now you should know more languages. Go to India and learn to speak them.


Do you like cold or hot weather? The valley of Kashmir Simla in the north of the country are delightfully cool in the summer mouths. It is freezing in the winter months. New Delhi, also in the north experiences thunderstorms proceeded by dust storms in July and April. The temperatures can get as high as 122 degrees F in central India. This is only some of the weather information, come down and experience it yourself.

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