Atmosphere of Alaska

Keturah C. Walter C Michael R. Period: 1/7 Date 2/4/16

Weather Condition's of Alaska

  • Tempt. could up to 100 degrees [summer]
  • Get as low as -80 degrees [winter]
  • Precipitation from rain, melted snow,and other moisture is common
  • Common temperature drop to -55 degrees (average days)
  • Frost will cover your eye lashes and makes it hard to blink
  • With Hawaiian currents temperatures can reach the 50 degrees

How to Get Through the Wilderness

  • To Drink water (hydrate)
  • Survival -need to melt snow over heat source like stove, candle and fire
  • Be active to generate body heat
  • Wear a lot of layers
  • Keep dry otherwise you can get frostbite eaisly

The Wild Terrain of Alaska

  • Alaska has some of the highest mountains
  • One mountain reaches 20,310
  • There is an interior of Alaska that is bigger than Texas
  • Alaska is on big peninsula
  • There are more than 1,000 islands off shore of alaska

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