Atomic Mass =57 Kilograms

Symbol: ANI

Discoverers and Occurrences

Anisium was discovered by Mr. and Ms. Mohamed of Richardson, Texas in January of 2000. It has high occurences near horses, trampolines, kittens, and TVs. It has very low occurences in movie theatres, computer labs, or near onions and papaya. Element is very relaxed and unreactive.

Physical Properties

*Tanned skin with dark brown curly hair

* Dark Brown eyes and average height

* Boils when people are rude and disrespectful

* Melts when hard work pays off

* Can cause extreme happiness if in a good mood

* Rarely found in states other than Texas or Oklahoma

*Sad when bored and inactive

*Happy when warm and near beaches with other elements in the same family

*Becomes stubborn and unyielding if forced to do something

Chemical Properties

* Is repelled by anger and impatience

* Is attracted to a patient, calm, and humorous mood

* May explode spontaneously when stressed

* Requires copious amounts of sweets and sugar

* Is inert if tired or busy

* Will repel to long reading projects and essays

* Is impervious to laziness and inflexibility