By Jessica Menashe

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Winnie Foster

Hi I'm Winnie!

I live in TreeGap.

I am single.

I have lived in TreeGap my whole live with my mom and grandma

I am 11 years old.

I am yet to have a job

Mae tuck

Hi I'm Mae

I live in tree gap with my husband angus tuck

Sometimes our kids Jesse and miles come to visit us

I have no job

Also I have never moved in my life I have always lived in tree gap with my husband Angus

Jesse Tuck

What's up?

I'm Jesse Tuck

I used to live in tree gap with my mom dad and brother miles

I have moved

And I do not have a job

Miles tuck

Hi I'm Miles Tuck

I have lived in tree gap all my life until I got married

I do not have a job

But then I moved back to treegap

What's going on with you today?

Today I'm trying out for the dance team, I'm really nervous wish me luck!

Peoples comments

Man in the yellow suit: Nice photos, keep up the good work Winnie!
Angus tuck- hey look it's me!¡

People you may know

Angus Tuck- hey I'm angus welcome to my fakeagram page married to Mae tuck. My two sons are miles and Jesse

Town constable- hi I'm the town constable.


Some of my hoobies:

1: hanging out with the frog near the lake near my house

2: another thing I like to do in my free time is hang out with the tucks

3: and I also like to dance.