January 26th Week at a Glance (WAG)

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February is Black History Month

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MLK service day January 31st 10:00-1:00

Help to inspire a culture and movement of service in our community by empowering our next generation of change-makers and leaders.



Sondra will visit the school at 9:00


grade level meetings

ALL GRADE LEVELS: Please share your grade level planning Week At A Glance on google drive.

Rigor training at Tilden Portable G 3:30


ILT 3:30

Everyone is welcome to attend as we will look at the budget for 2015-2016


grade level meeting 1st grade

ALL GRADE LEVELS: Please share your grade level planning Week At A Glance on google drive.

Gate testing 3rd grade


Movie Night: 5th grade fundraiser


MLK SERVICE DAY 10:00-1:00

Please come and bring your spirit of service.


District assessments are here again! We have the DRA to give again, AR should be given to measure mid trimester growth, and there is a mandatory math assessment for all grade levels. Please begin to give at least 1 DRA a day. There will be minimum days at the end of February to administer assessments. I am trying to also secure subs so as to give you at least a half day to give assessments. The goal will be to five at least 10 DRA's if you have a half day sub. This round it should be a bit easier because we have a better idea of where to start with them.

Lucy Calkins: Reading Workshop

Units of Study for Reading: Structures of Reading Workshops


We are very fortunate to have a healthy snack provided by the school. Unfortunately we are not cleaning up after ourselves. WE ned to come up with a better way to pass out snack to ensure that it is cleaned up afterwards. Whether it be healthy snack provided form home or the school we must leave the yard free from trash. Please decide on a classroom system to ensure snack is cleaned up on nothing is left ion the yard. ALSO PLEASE BE MNFUL OF THE NEW YARD DUTY SCHEDULE.
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We will continue to focus on balanced literacy components. We will begin a cycle of inquiry around word study. Please bring resources that you use and be ready to share with others. You will also pick a standard to focus on for the cycle and plan an assessment.

Esperanza's Vision and Mission


Students engage in rigorous, high quality, biliterate academics which prepare them for college and career. Esperanza students and families take responsibility for their learning which allows them to be academically strong in two languages. With a growth mindset, they are unique individuals, who critically think and are determined to succeed. Students show respect for themselves, others and the environment.


Through PLC’s teacher are able to plan for mindful and purposeful instruction. Teachers collaborate to implement rigorous instruction, that meets the needs of all students. Teachers engage in peer observations to receive and give constructive feedback. Teachers use data to drive instruction and make clear plans for corrective instruction. We engage the family and community in quarterly meetings to review growth and set goals.