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May 14, 2020

Yesterday's State Supreme Court ruling that overturned the "Safer at Home" order specifically excluded the section of the order that closed schools. Thus, our schools and grounds will remain closed for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. Our focus for the next three to four weeks will be on meeting the needs of our students through digital instruction. As we complete the current school year, please know that we are making plans for summer school, activities, and the start of next school year. We are hoping that we will be able to resume face-to-face instruction and activities at some point this summer. We will continue to abide by the guidance at the federal, state, and county government officials and health departments. Although we are anxious to get back into our schools, the safety of students and staff will remain a top priority.


While we cannot host our traditional graduation ceremonies as planned this June, we are fortunate to have made alternate options, including an agreement with Miller Park to host graduation on Sunday, August 2.

If circumstances do not allow us to use Miller Park on August 2, we will attempt to host graduation at Mukwonago High School on the same date.

Thank you to our families and students for their patience and flexibility as we have worked through these challenging and unprecedented times!

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End of Year Materials Pickup and Drop-off

We continue to finalize plans for the pickup of student belongings and the drop-off of school materials like Chromebooks, wifi hotspots, textbooks, and library books. This process will take place the week of June 8. Please watch your email for further details. In the meantime, if there are student belongings that are urgently needed, please contact your child’s school.

Summer School Updates

Our regularly scheduled Summer Adventures program, including Eagleville’s E3 program, is canceled for this summer. Our online credit-bearing classes at Mukwonago High School and Bridge to Algebra at Park View Middle School will be carried out as planned.

We are planning virtual, remedial offerings for students at all levels. Recommended students will be contacted by their school or teachers.

Also, we are excited to offer Indian Athletic Performance this summer. See below for more information!

Indian Athletic Performance Summer Registration

We are thrilled to announce that Indian Athletic Performance will continue this summer! Beginning June 15 for students currently in Grades 8-11, IAP participants will complete video workout sessions created by our coaches and staff tailored for our student-athletes. If allowed, we will begin in-person IAP training on or about July 1. If not, video sessions will continue until the end of the course on July 16. Students can register through the Infinite Campus portal.

IAP is a program designed to develop and enhance a student’s explosive power and speed. The training philosophy will include a primary makeup of ground-based techniques. Most student-athletes participate in standup sports. Therefore, the training is developed to initiate exercises where the feet are on the ground. The goal of ground-based training is to improve an individual’s power applied to the ground. Henceforth, during competition a participant’s speed and power will be greater on account of the training principles. Several of the ground-based lifts include the squat, snatch-squat, single-leg squat, deadlift, Romanian deadlift, lunge, good-morning, step-up, box jump, etc. All of these exercises incorporate the necessary recruitment of many muscles and joints. The philosophy is not the isolation of muscles, but incorporation of many muscles. Not only do ground-based lifts train muscles and improve power, but ground-based lifts also improve athleticism. Flexibility, balance, injury-prevention, strength, speed, and power are all characteristics that will be improved in Indian Athletic Performance. Kettlebell Training is also implemented in order to coach and foster movements. Students will also learn proper sprinting mechanics, change of direction techniques, and rhythmic exercises designed to increase raw speed.

Elementary Learning at Home Activities for Friday, May 15

Tomorrow, elementary students will engage in an alternate set of activities sent home by teachers this week. These activities are designed to get children off the computers and get them engaged in other fun and creative activities. If you have not received your child’s Learning at Home Bingo Card, download it today! If your child is in four-year old kindergarten, download their special version here.

As your children complete different activities, be sure to share them on your school’s social media feeds so everyone can see the great things our kids are doing!

School Board Student Representative

Current sophomores and juniors interested in applying for the position of Student Representative to the School Board should join Google Classroom using the following code 4yd7wmu to download an application form. Student representatives will act as a liaison between district students (K-12) and the Board of Education, providing input on educational issues from a student perspective. Students will also report curricular and extracurricular highlights on behalf of all district schools (K-12).

Mukwonago Community Bulletin Board

As a service to our community, don't forget that MASD hosts a virtual Community Bulletin Board that is regularly updated with information from organizations providing services or activities. Be sure to bookmark the page and watch Key News for Families all year long for updates!

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